Home News BREAKING: Son tests positive to Coronavirus after parents just recovered

BREAKING: Son tests positive to Coronavirus after parents just recovered


Chris and Cristina Cuomo’s 14-year-old child, Mario is fighting COVID-19, making him the third individual from the family to manage the coronavirus.

Mario’s conclusion comes only days after his folks recouped from COVID-19.

The CNN grapple finished a long time in disconnection on Monday after he was cleared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. His significant other, Cristina Cuomo, additionally gotten the infection yet has been cleared.

Sadly, one of their three youngsters got the infection as well and Cristina, 50, uncovered she’s doing all that she can to deal with their child, Mario, as he sheds the infection.

“Following 10 days of high points and low points, feeling great one-day and horrendous the following, I am currently endeavoring to get my child, Mario, through the infection. My heart harms more than my head over his contamination,” Cristina Cuomo shared on Instagram.

She included that the infection “doesn’t segregate.”

Cuomo, who is CEO of health magazine The Purist, said she kept a journal of the previous week, including “cures and things that I did to remain rational through everything.”

“While kids are stronger, they can endure the same seriousness of side effects,” Cuomo said. “I’m applying an adjusted adaptation of my solutions for his convention with attention on heaps of nutrients. Since his feeling of smell and taste has vanished, I am taking care of him solid nourishments that I ordinarily can’t get him to contact.”


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