Home News HOT NEWS: 10 – Years-old boy killed by police in jigawa

HOT NEWS: 10 – Years-old boy killed by police in jigawa


A high school kid’s demise in Jigawa in the wake of being shot by a cop has caused agitation in the zone.

A 10-year-old kid at Sankara town in Ringim nearby government zone in Jigawa state has been shot dead by the police.

A report by TheNation uncovered that the occurrence happened when police endeavored to scatter swarm in the town advertise as per the State Government lockdown request to check the spreads of COVID-19 pandemic.

Inhabitants claimed the police discharged different shots and teargas to scatter individuals executing organizations at the Sankara showcase.

The dad of the person in question, Abdulkadir Suleiman, revealed to Journalist that his child, Usman Abdulkadir, was hit by police slug at the head.

As per the dad, the casualty was prior taken to Sankara Primary Health Care Center where he has alluded to Ringim General Hospital.

“He is unconscious receiving treatment.

“The police officer who shot my son is well known in the area for brutality. He has been identified by name,” the father alleged.

The police spokesperson in Jigawa, Audu Jinjiri, said the police went to the market to enforce a shutdown order where they were resisted by some of the locals, who peddled stones at them.

However, the spokesperson denied that the teenager was shot by the police, insisting that “the boy was hit by one of the stones peddled by the angry locals”.


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