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Nigerians react as Buhari put on ‘PAM SLIPPERS’ when addressing the nation yesterday (PHOTOS)


A Twitter user “Uduma Michael – Cares ●@DonSolution_ ” tweeted a behind the picture of President Muhammadu Buhari putting on pam slippers during the Presidential broadcast yesterday.

The Twitter user asked a big question with caption on the picture

“Is it really right for President Buhari to wear pam slippers to address a whole nation instead of shoes?”

Here are mixed reactions from Nigerians on Twitter:

Rossy Ude @rose_ude: “I don’t see anything wrong with it. He wanted to be simple.”

Absdy @101 @Absdy9: “Who send you go behind the scenes”

#ChineseVirus @_ChineseViruss: “I hate this man with passion but common, pam or shoe has nothing to do with addressing a nation”

Tosan 🤸🏽‍♀️ 🤸🏽‍♀️ @Rosemary16th:”You for give am high heels nau.”

Geebee @Geebee77420050: “We have enter this one already”

BABA SHANG @baba_shang: “Person wey use us do freestyle”

Tryce @BryanTryce: “Oga that’s not “Pam slippers” eyan Pam Pam. Our president is wearing Gucci mule”

SPICEGUTS @dearchisom: “His feet was not meant to show. This picture is a shot behind the scene.”

Valid Dreamz @ValidDreamz: “If he like wear sneaker e no concerns me make baba send us money abeg.”

Wole Akere @Oluwohouse: “I don’t even blame @DonSolution, I blame the privileged person who took the behind the scene picture and decided to be careless about it.”

Mikel ✪ @ulorseries: “Lol…you get time they look wetin him wear o.”

IG oparaocha @IGoparaocha: “Bros aboki na aboki”

Bookoons @Bookoons: “People like you cause some of our problems in Nigeria. You didn’t have to make that statement.”

IG oparaocha @IGoparaocha: “Why would a president address His citizens with slippers on ???”

Bayajidda @sadeeqsaminu: “Did you put him there to tell him the shoe he will wear?”

clearyurmind @clearyurmind: “if the president like he can wear boxers to address the nation, we just need solution and we need it now”

RBP @rudebwoyp24: “Lol he’s the president for God’s sake if he chooses to wear boxers we take it like that”

praise @kechkent: “Bros the thing tire me o, it shows how he doesn’t take anything seriously”

ALNI @alanilusi360: “Guy that’s not our problem if he like make e address us naked no one cares. He should share money that’s important”

Gabriel ‘Kuma Ityowuhe @IamGabbywrites: “I keep wondering. Who digs up these pictures and comfortably sends them to you guys out there? The state house media guys who are supposed to be very loyal to the president? It makes me sick oo. Chai. I confuse.”

@oluwatobiemily: “Does it matter if he is putting on shoes,slippers or even on bare foot…all what we need is for him to do the needful”

Ajayi Lawrence @LawAjayi1: “Is it a must we fault him all the time? After delivering a good speech, the only thing you see is Baba’s slippers”

D’Boss @Dhkrullah1: “For me, it has nothing to do with infringement of anyone’s rights and has such He @MBuhari has his freedom to choose for comfort.”

Chiemerie Emmanuel @Flanigarnuel: “That thing na disrespect to Nigerians abegi even though him Don dey disrespect us since Shaa”

Do you think President Buhari was wrong or right to do this?


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