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Raise with Uchekeyz is An online worship experience, a gathering of worshipers fully set to Connect to a Higher Authority (God), and we are set to connect to God our maker in worship..

What are we Raising? – we are Raising our worship to our one true God .

Why are we Raising? – We are Raising to worship and glorify the king of kings, We are Raising to connect to a higher authority, (GOD), to elevate, heighten, invigorate, cultivate, to increase in strength, intensity, to ascend, to multiply and to grow both physically and spiritually, to be stronger, and to win the battle of life as in the days of Moses and the Israelite Exodus 17

1. The story of Moses and the Israelite Exodus 17 , tells of a battle in which Israel was fighting. Moses told his people tomorrow as we will fight I will worship and praise God by raising my hands during the battle. The next day, as the battle went on, it turned out that when Moses would raise his hands, Israel would win, but when he lowered his hands they would lose. As the day wore on Moses’ arms got tired. So Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one of them on each side, they remained raised that way until the sun went down, and as a result Israel won the battle.

There is great significance in raising our worship to God at this present time when the world seems to be focus in things that is not of God, as ministers, this is a call to us to do something in worship even if we can’t fix it, my worship and yours worship together will fix it…

Now join me and my team, let’s Raise our worship with one voice to connect to a higher Authority, God our maker, Creator of heaven and Earth and trust him, as we worship, we will win the battle of this world and COVID-19 will be gone in Jesus name Amen…

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For enquiries and participation, please call or whatsapp 08144021714.

Thank you and God bless you real good…

By Uchekeyzmusic



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